Saturday, August 7, 2010

Writing Something About Writing Something Because I Am Sick of Not Writing Something And At Least It Is A Start

Here is a vid by a dude named "woofycakes" on youtube. He posted it because this techno dude named m1dy is in the video. I first learned about woof because a friend of mine showed me his vids/the vids that he has in his favorites. Here is his youtube page. We said the words 'I love this guy so much' a lot, as well as 'this dude has the best sense of irony and yet weird sincerity ever'. I think that this video "woof@cali: sleeps m1dy vid" is everything that I try to write about in regards to young people/moderately young people just kind of tooling around. This would be like a poem that I would try to write, or a short story. The video is just a bunch of dorks setting shit on fire in what is either a southern or south western culdesac, which probably captures the essence of 'south western culdesac' better than anything else ever. Woof also starts chatting up a drunk girl, and their conversation veers into the mundanely tragic. Like, just ordinary soul crushing stuff, the kind of awful shit that ruins people's day even though they live in America or whatever. But then she's like, let's go to Evo, and woof is like fuck yeah come with me. Then she says she's going to lose her job but woof is just like, oh shit a job, you have a job goddam. Then the video ends. I think a book about woof and this drunk girl and whatever friends they bring or meet along the way as they go to Evo in las vegas would be my favorite book ever written. It would be like a combination of Fear Of Loathing and On The Road even though Kerouac is a really boring writer upon reflection, and like maybe David Foster Wallace except instead of tennis they play street fighter or melty blood. That would be my favorite book. They would get fucking wasted and have the kind of unexceptional adventures that make life obscenely beautiful for the three to five minutes they realize that what they are doing is having an adventure and it is making their life obscenely beautiful. It is the kind of profound stupid shit that happens when high guys and drunk girls hang out in parking lots without calling their parents first. I think there should also be a big scene like in Infinite Jest where they play Street Fighter and it breaks down the match into little poetic snippets and it's all super meaningful when it ends. I think the writer that can write the words 'hadouken' and 'focus attack dash cancel into ultra' and be taken seriously but not too seriously is the greatest writer of this generation. I think I am going to try to do that. I am going to try to write this book. I expect it will be read by no one, and I will die poor and alone, but everyone does that anyways.

I think if woofy found out about this post he would think I'm fucking crazy. I don't know. Maybe we could play Melty Blood or 3rd Strike or something.


  1. It's funny -- people who go to church on more than one day a year talk about the Godless youths all the time, but this thing here is actual evidence of it. Dude hops over the sparkler, cue applause. God's nowhere in sight.

  2. God is for people that don't have sparklers.

  3. I think people that read this think I'm being really serious about it and not 'foolin around'. Now I'm confused and scared.