Thursday, October 21, 2010

Haiku About Young People and the Internet

Anatomy of Bullshit

sweet aviators
American Apparel
organs that breathe out


we are both naked
my tongue is inside my mouth
we watch anime

Facebook Privacy Settings

klavika type face
she is drunk and so are they
Send a Friend Request


my face and my room
are blue on the carpeting
i am on my back


i have no friends
i read Helvetica font
sometimes i type 'lol'

Hikikomori 2

dolphins suffocate
on a beach made out of gold
laptop computers

I Am Unhappy And I Hate Myself

jeans and skirts and thighs
they ask why i am leaving
they touch each other


arcade cabinet
she and i are both standing
upright like bipeds

I Borrowed Her Lighter When We Went To The Beach

"there are more stars than
grains of sand between our toes
and inside our socks"

.Gif of A Species

picture of a cat
the cat is in a spaceship
the spaceship blasts off

It Is Raining

the window is wet
the sky is everywhere
outside of the house

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Friendship In A Universe That Actively Seeks Out And Annihilates Hope

I heard on the news they are going to nuke San Diego next.  I don’t know where we are going to eat quesadillas now. I’m coming up this weekend. My girlfriend is dead so I’m bringing her copy of Mario Kart. I lost my lighter but I think we can still smoke a little, because most everything is on fire anyways. If you don’t have your TV anymore that’s fine, we can throw shit off of buildings instead. I'll say things like, "I think we are going to die," and "we are going to die." You'll say "we are already dead," or "we should throw the printer over next." Then we'll throw the printer off the building while we disintegrate gradually and high five.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My review of The Social Network

I guess I learned that you're poor or you make a lot of money and then you die alone, unless you don't.

David Fincher made a bunch of images that look like reality only tinier and with more existential dread/fear and with more of Jesse Eisenberg's head/neck. When Trent Reznor's name came up I giggled even though I already knew he did the music with Atticus Ross. His music made me want to violate people's privacy and row boats. Kevin Spacey is somehow involved in a way that feels tangential yet also eerily relevant. Jesse Eisenberg made me hate him and not hate him and relate to him but also want to fucking murder him. Justin Timberlake was an evil dick with asthma. Andrew Garfield spoke with an american accent but he also made me lawyer up because he is fucking coming at me and he isn't just coming for thirty percent but the whole fucking thing. He also made a chicken eat chicken, like how marlins eat trout. Felt really good about this movie coming out. Audibly said "it was really good" and then said "that movie was really fucking good" even more audibly. Also said "augh I fucking love Trent Reznor" with the same kind of sincerity I had when I said it at 13.

Fuck Harvard.