Saturday, January 15, 2011


I meet Allison when I realize I never get hungry. I meet Sam a little bit after that. We all meet Lauren and Chris next to a pond. We try to drink the water but it never touches our lips. It doesn’t really matter because we are never thirsty.

While we walk, Sam and Lauren hold hands. Chris and I talk about high school and cheeseburgers. Allison sends me text messages. I read them later in a corner without light.

We make camp. We think it will get dark eventually but it never does. Everyone pretends to sleep. Allison and I draw shapes on each other’s back.

We walk through a city lit by LEDs. Eventually I vomit. Everyone laughs. I laugh while I vomit. The vomit is clear and it tastes like water.

Her face is bright and I want to kiss her but my little heart beats so fast.

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