Saturday, January 28, 2012


This was published in Matchbox Magazine Issue V at UCSC. It was published as short fiction. A scan of the page can be found on my tumblr: Rawr.

The velociraptor says ‘rawr’ and dances to lady gaga. Her tail keeps hitting everyone but it is okay because they are all dancing too and singing along. The words they say aren’t really words but almost words that sound like nothing. All together, they are drunk. Drunk, the velociraptor sees a boy. On the couch gripping a cup the boy wears shoes and looks at his feet. The velociraptor sits next to the boy and wants to feel carnivorous. She says ‘rawr’. She tries to kiss him but instead she eats his head and upper torso. Inside her mouth she runs her tongue between his heart and lungs and tonsils and frontal lobe and thinks the word ‘delicious’. She thinks the word ‘nutritious’ but then feels exceptionally alone with no more boy left to eat. The boy’s lower torso says ‘splort’ and topples off the couch politely. On the ground, the lower torso says ‘splurt’ and bleeds on the carpet. Michelle and Yukiko see this. Their expressions are analog emoticons. ‘This girl, this girl is a wild girl’ they say and then they kiss each other and kiss other people and say ‘crazy girl’ and they all look very proud and happy. Then a plesiosaur comes through the front door and says ‘mrooo’ and wears sunglasses even though it is like, midnight. The plesiosaur high fives everyone with his flippers. The velociraptor hates him immediately. She walks outside now away from other people. Outside, sitting on the curb, she remembers sitting on this curb and not being alone. She looks at the moon and thinks about being twelve. She thinks about astronauts. She thinks about a lot of things. She says‘rawr’. A little while later she goes home, and doesn’t fall asleep until the sun is almost setting the next day.

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