Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The room is completely empty except for us and everything else in it. At first we tried talking to each other, but there was only so much we could say. Since we were done talking we played checkers. It was something to do instead of being dead. Being alive, we played chess. I won at Mortal Kombat, but not Street Fighter. She won at tetherball, but not foursquare. I won at Starcraft, but not Settlers of Catan. We got tired of playing in nothing, so we built houses, and then cities. We made them out of cardboard and construction paper, and we walked around in nothing and said that it was something. We split our souls into many smaller souls. These souls had little feet and little hearts. They fit inside the cities, and when they looked around all they saw was construction paper and cardboard. They said, “this is something.” But when they left their homes, they saw the nothing. They built a sky to block out the nothing, and they held an annual prom, so they could do something every spring. At the prom, they are making eye contact. He looks at her eyes through her glasses. He wants to touch her, but there are so many things.

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